Kellys of Dublin Van Conversion Specialist


Hand Controls

We can supply and fit hand controls to nearly all makes and models of cars. Hand control adaptive equipment are products designed to allow the driver to operate the accelerator and brakes controls of their car using their hands when they cannot do so safely using their feet.

Left Foot Accelerator Quick Release

The left foot accelerator Quick Release was developed to control the cars original accelerator with the left foot. When not in use the left foot accelerator must be removed from the drivers side floor space so that it will not interfere when other individuals use the vehicle.

Left Foot Accelerator Flip Up

The left foot accelerator and the original accelerator are equipped with a hinge allowing for the desired pedal to be gently pushed into place while the other can be neatly tucked away.

Pedal Extensions

The Stamp extension, brings the original pedals 10-30 cm closer and can be installed in both automatic and manual vehicles. Adjustments can be made for distance, height, and the desired space between the pedals. The stamp extension is fitted with a quick release, so it may be easily removed.

Steering Wheel Spinners

We can supply and fit spinners to nearly all makes and models of cars. Contact us to discuss your requirements and give details of your vehicle

Drivers Swivel Seat

A drivers swivel seat is ideally suited to a 3 door car, the seat swivels out to a 90 degree angle to assist the drivers entry and exit from the vehicle. There are many solutions to suit a drivers swivel seat in a 5 door car , it would be essential to contact us to discuss your options as many solutions are make or model specific.

Boot Hoists

Boot hoists are a simple safe reliable means of stowing your wheelchair or scooter. Boot hoists come in many different specifications for lifting loads from 40 kg to 180 kgs.